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Insulation generally refers to any material used to insulate your home for thermal purposes. It is an important factor in achieving comfort for occupants of the home, reduces unwanted heat loss or gain and can decrease overall energy demands. The effectiveness of insulation is commonly evaluated by its R-value, which when combined with other variables, culminates in a proper, energy-efficient solution.

The type and amount of insulation required depends on your home's design, climate you live in, energy costs, personal preferences and budget of the homeowner. Generally, the intent is to reduce heat flow out of a building during the winter, and to prevent the internal temperature from rising above the ambient climate during the summer. Among the greatest benefits of an effectively weatherized home are reduced energy costs, along with being better stewards of the environment. When the "thermal envelope" of a building is optimal, it requires less consumption of resources to keep the living space comfortable, whether by the use of heating or air conditioning.

Our Brands

Insultex House Wrap ® is a closed-cell foam composite with superior drainage and R-Value. This certified product meets or exceeds the competition in air and water resistance moisture vapor permeability and durability.

Parco offers a variety of window options as well as innovative EasySnap Brickmould, which makes vinyl window replacement quick and easy. Parco has a number of other original products that help to insulate and save energy. These same construction details help to cut noise infiltration.

Since 1951, Hayfield has utilized the highest quality materials as well as the most advanced technology and processes. Their products come with a solid warranty, backed by a twenty-year glass warranty and a transferable limited lifetime warranty on vinyl and hardware.

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