Whether you live in a newer home or a older house, you probably have at least one window which seems to always cause some sort of trouble. It may be a draft coming in, it could be condensation forming on the inside of the glass, perhaps the simple function of raising and lowering isn’t very smooth, or there might simply be noticeable damage. Regardless of the problem, it’s time to fix it. Often, it’s easier to replace the window than repair it, and doing so always yields a better end result.

Older Windows

Older windows can provide the myriad of troubles listed above along with others you may never expect. There can be rot in older wooden windows, the hardware may be difficult to securely latch closed, they can be painted shut, or multiple layers of paint accumulation over the years may simply ruin the beautiful look of the original style.

Consider the functions a great window should fill. It should provide efficiency to your home by  holding in heat during the winter, air conditioning in summer, and open easily to provide a fresh air in the spring and fall. Further, the window should provide security by latching firmly at night or when you’re away from home. Finally, the window should look beautiful from either inside or out.

New Window Styles

New windows are fully functional in every sense of the word and provide further features you may not have considered if you’re used to the older ones. If you choose vinyl, it no longer needs paint and you have one less maintenance task to perform on your home. New windows typically tilt inwards so you can clean them from inside and no longer need to make a day long chore involving ladders and maneuvering through shrubbery when they need washing. There are also new designs which allow for additional security with latches that can’t be pried open from outside with the use of simple tools.

Consider how new windows can be beneficial to your daily life at home or by adding value to an investment house. You may not use or notice the function of your windows on a daily basis, but when you do need them you’ll quickly become aware of how well they do or don’t work. Discuss with a contractor what your needs are and rest assured he can help determine the best new windows for your home.