Your home is protected by a complex system that includes your roof, insulation, windows, doors, and siding. Together, they make up the protective thermal envelope that maintains the temperature inside your home. They also keep out the elements and help to prevent animal infestation and mold or mildew proliferation. That’s why it’s important to make sure every element of your home’s protective layer is working at the top of its game.

At Anderson Exteriors, our home exterior contractors specialize in protecting Ramsey homes. To help you keep your home safe from all mother nature can throw at it, we’ve put together this guide to help you determine if it’s time for siding replacement.

The Benefits of a Siding Upgrade

When we’re talking about siding replacement, it’s easy to talk about the potential benefits to your home. When new siding is installed in your home, it can look fantastic enough to get the neighbors talking about upgrading their own home exteriors. It can also add to your home’s value and make it easier to sell when the time comes. And who doesn’t love coming home to a beautiful new space designed to your personal specifications?

But to really understand the benefits of a siding upgrade, it’s important to talk about what can happen when your siding goes too long without getting replaced. Although good siding can last for several decades if it’s regularly maintained, failure to replace your home’s siding can expose your home to a host of problems.

Here are a few key ways your old siding may be costing you:

●        Poor energy efficiency

●        Reduced home value

●        Expensive maintenance

Is it Time for Siding Replacement?

To determine if your siding just needs regular repairs or it needs to be completely replaced, there are a few things you should look out for. One of the most common signs your siding is outdated is poor performance, which can manifest in the form of outsized utility bills or cold drafts and uneven indoor temperatures. If you’re still uncertain, our expert siding replacement team can inspect your home and help you make the best decision.

Here are a few signs we’ll be looking for:

●        Mildew, mold, or rot

●        Warped siding panels

●        Bulging panels

Contact Our Ramsey Replacement Siding Contractors

Whether your siding is beginning to show signs of aging or you’re ready to simplify your life by reducing the amount of time and energy you devote to siding maintenance, we can help. Replacing your siding with a low-maintenance siding solution is one of the most high-value investments you can make in your home.

Visit our past project gallery to get ideas for your exterior and then give us a call to schedule yours. Speak to a member of our team at 763-323-0970 or contact us to get a free quote on your siding replacement project today.