What do you think of first when you’re thinking about home improvement? Most homeowners go right to home improvement projects that upgrade the look of their home’s exterior or help with energy efficiency.

But while you’re making updates around your home, don’t overlook the important issue of home security. While secure windows and a strong entry door with a good lock are important for your home’s defense, don’t overlook your sliding patio door.

At Anderson Exteriors in Ramsey, our door and window contractors can help you choose the most secure door to protect your home better.

Let’s talk about security considerations for your patio door and how we can help you choose the right option for your back door!

The Beauty of Glass Patio Doors

There’s a reason we’re willing to exchange solid wood or steel for a bright, open glass patio door:It’s because there’s nothing quite like sitting in your living room and looking outside at the view, letting the world out there bring light into your home’s interior.

Whether it’s watching the gentle snow falling on a crisp winter night or watching the children play against a world of vivid green, there’s nothing quite like a great outdoor view. Thankfully, just because a door is made from glass doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security for that stunning view.

Here are a few steps you can take to add to the security of your back door!

Add a Blocker to Prevent It From Opening

A common method of reinforcing your patio door is to install a blocker located on the track that keeps your patio door from sliding open. This can also help keep the door closed if you’ve got a particularly clever family pet or a little escape artist in the home.

Add a Secondary Lock

Installing a more powerful lock is a good way to reinforce the security of your patio door. One common solution is a loop lock.

Keep Your Track Clean

Over time, debris can get into the track, causing the door to go slightly off track. While this can be inconvenient when you’re sliding it open, it can make a thief’s life much easier. So keep that track clean to prevent it from being taken off the tracks easily.

Update Your Door With New Technology

The surest way to get added door security is with an upgrade. Door technology is changing, which is why a decades-old patio door is much less secure than a new one purchased today. We can help you install a more secure patio door or upgrade your back door to a French door solution.

Patio Door Options for your Home

Many patio door options are available, but choosing the suitable one for your home will enhance your home’s visual appeal and value.

Hinged Patio Doors

The hinged patio doors are commonly known as French doors. These doors have one or more panels and swing in or out to open. You can make one of the doors a fixed door while the other one remains operable. Doing this gives your hinged patio door a good appearance.

Sliding Patio Doors

The sliding patio doors bring the simplicity of use and style flexibility to your home. You don’t need to apply force to pull the door with this type of patio door. Just a slide and your patio door will glide open. In addition, you get more space near your door if you go for the sliding patio door.

Multi-Slide Patio Doors

If you want to add more visual design to your door, mounting the multi-slide patio doors will be a good option for you. This patio door option creates a panoramic view with its multi-slide movements. It also creates more space in your home than the other doors.

Bifold Patio Doors

Bifold patio doors differ from the multi-slide in that they fold together when opened. This door is also designed to create a space for fresh air during hotter times.

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