As spring approaches and you conduct your spring cleaning projects, you’ve likely looked at your house and considered how to give it a facelift. Maybe you’d like to make it to be more inviting for guests, or perhaps you want the house to look nicer everyday when you and your family come home from work or school. There are plenty of options available to upgrade your house within a budget and make it feel new.


New windows are a functional way to bring new life to a house. Especially with older homes in which the windows don’t raise and lower smoothly, don’t lock properly, or generally look worn out, new windows are a way to upgrade your house for a relatively low cost in the scheme of things. The nice aspect of replacing windows is you can do one or two annually and plan ahead for a budget until you end up with all new windows in a few years.


Doors, being the entry to your home, can be the final aspect of curb appeal for your family and your company. New doors provide a welcoming invitation for your guests while increasing the appeal of your house from the road. New doors also improve the functionality of your house by eliminating drafts and providing security features which were unavailable at the time the house was built.


Siding may seem like a bigger job than you want to take on, but there really is no better way to improve the overall appearance of your home than with a full exterior upgrade. New siding isn’t as expensive as you think, especially when you consider the value it adds to give make the exterior of your house look brand new again. New siding pays for itself exponentially whether you want your house to remain new for your personal use or whether you plan to sell in the future.


Gutters are more of a subliminal way to upgrade your house. They are hands-down one of the more important aspects of your house for sheer function, and they also look great. Your friends probably won’t comment on your new gutters, but they will notice on a subconscious level how well you take care of your house and how much thought you put into maintaining a well kept home. Further, you’ll no longer have the nuisance of water pouring over the side of improperly maintained gutters and causing erosion damage to your lawn.