If you’ve taken the time to browse any popular home design blogs or flipped through Instagram recently, you’re probably familiar with the modern farmhouse style. Since its rise to prominence a few years ago, this look has only continued to grow in popularity and gather more buzz. With the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s easy to see the appeal of farmhouse style.

A modern take on the rustic farmhouse look of a bygone era, today’s modern farmhouse look calls to mind the simplicity of a time that’s passed. Think of relaxing by a fire with a good book, tending to a small backyard garden, or sipping tea on the front porch on a hot summer day while the children play on your lawn.

If you’re dreaming of a simpler time, the farmhouse look might be the right look for your home. In this blog post from Anderson Exteriors, we’ll share ideas for transforming your home to get a modern farmhouse exterior. Read on and then give us a call to get started on your home remodeling project.

Embracing the Farmhouse Design

Originally, farmhouses weren’t about a particular aesthetic but simple practicality. In the early days of the American colonies, farmhouses were built using common, simple materials like stone and wood. These homes were built to be stylish but functional, which is why we tend to associate them with the simplicity of an earlier time.

Today’s farmhouse style embodies the charm and coziness of these early homes but is informed by the elegance of modern design. Everything in the farmhouse look should be designed for usefulness while blending the look of the old with the modern. Inside a home, this means integrating vintage styles with modern design looks

Here are three easy ways to transform your home’s exterior to a farmhouse design:

1.    Black and White Siding and Trim

The hallmark of a modern farmhouse home is white trim or siding. Homeowners love this look because it’s simple and bright. Consider using a light or white main siding color with white trim. Use black trim around the windows and as a secondary trim color to complete the look.

2.    Interesting Details

Traditional farmhouses used whatever was available in their designs. Add a front door that creates a pop of color. Transom windows and decorative accent windows on your entry door also add interest.

3.    Natural Wood

Add natural wood as an accent point to your home’s exterior. Natural wood trim or a wood front door serve as a reminder of a simpler time while blending seamlessly with modern siding, windows, and other details.

Create Your Farmhouse Home With Anderson Exteriors

Do you dream of cozy autumn nights and a front porch filled with pumpkins and gourds? Do you love the idea of relaxing on a wide, sunny front porch in a home that calls to mind warm simplicity? To get started on your farmhouse home redesign, connect with our Twin Cities home exterior remodeling pros at Anderson Exteriors.

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