There are countless reasons to love the charm of Craftsman homes. The Victorian era had been one of ornate decorative details and lavish designs both inside and outside a home. In the new, modern era of the 20th century, tastes began to run simpler, embracing practicality over the eccentric details that ruled the 19th century. With the rise of the American middle class, the Craftsman home was born, favoring craftsmanship and simple, livable symmetry over complex and grandiose exteriors of the past.

100 years later, Craftsman homes are still beloved and widely coveted for their unique architectural styles and understated charm. If you’re updating your Craftsman home, check out these great siding and trim combo ideas from our Anderson Exteriors replacement siding contractors and then give us a call.

Why We Love Craftsman Style Homes

The hallmark of a Craftsman home is its wide front porch with symmetrical brick columns. Craftsman homes typically feature an attractive fireplace and plenty of windows to let in a good amount of light and fresh air. Built to marry function and form, Craftsman homes are easily adapted to a wide range of modern interior design concepts. Their exteriors also afford a broad versatility of design.

Consider one of these popular siding and trim combos for your Craftsman home:

1.    Eclectic Trim On a Neutral Background

If you love the idea of a more eclectic artisanal look, consider adding two trim shades to your Craftsman bungalow. Start with a neutral like beige or tan, then add a shade of green or turquoise. Beginning with a neutral backdrop keeps the look from becoming too overpowering. Finish the look off with a bright shade of yellow or red.

2.    White Trim on Blue or Gray

White trim is huge right now, and it’s perfect for a Craftsman home. Against a dark blue or gray main siding color, white trim is both charming and attractive. Consider using black trim around the windows for extra dimension.

3.    Earthy Neutrals

The simplicity of pale beige works well when paired with earthy, muted greens. Begin with a main siding color of pale beige and pair with fern or forest trim.

4.    Warm Trim Against Dark Gray

Home design experts love gray walls and interior design details because colors pop dramatically against these tones. Begin with a gray or charcoal siding color. Add a warm shade of orange or yellow to capture a sunny look that isn’t overly whimsical.

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