Choosing the right siding for your home can be a challenging undertaking. Of course, you want to choose a durable material to withstand the extreme temperatures we encounter here in the Twin Cities area. Good siding will also be easy to maintain and well-insulated. But once you’ve chosen the right siding material and siding installation contractor for the job, it’s time to start thinking about putting together a look.

Beautiful siding has the power to change the look of your home completely. In this post from Anderson Exteriors in Ramsey, we’ll talk about choosing your new siding design from Mastic. Give us a call to learn about siding options available for your Ham Lake or Maple Grove home.

Choose Your Mastic Siding Style

Your first big decision when choosing Mastic siding is the style. First, decide if you want to install smooth siding or siding with the appearance of wood. Choose from the following configurations.

Lap Siding

Lap sidings are generally liked for their simple traditional looks. They come in various styles, finishes, and colors, making them suitable for any type of structure. Lap siding also has long flat boards that overlap to prevent water from splashing on your walls. For choice of design, you can choose regular, narrow, or wide widths which range from 3-7 inches.

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding, like the name suggests, is designed to lap on your wall in vertical form. They provide great curb appeal and are more suitable for smaller spaces. If you do not wish to install this siding in your entire home, you can consider mounting it in strategic places such as your entryways, gables, or low porch walls.

Shake and Shingle

This type of siding provides pure elegance to homes. They have a long history that can be traced back many decades. The shake and shingle vinyl siding is best suitable for smaller homes but can be used in bigger homes as accents in some areas.

Select Your Preferred Siding Material

Mastic also offers multiple material options, including vinyl, aluminum, and steel siding.


The vinyl mastic is designed to withstand the impact of extreme heat from the sun, heavy wind, hail and other unforeseen dents. In addition, the material comes in different colors, thereby increasing your design choice. At Anderson Exterior, our vinyl mastic is installed in such a way that it holds fast to the walls to provide excellent protection to your home.


Siding made of Aluminum is gorgeous, durable, and entirely watertight. With our Aluminum mastic siding, you are sure of high-performing siding all year round.


Here is a mastic siding material that is recyclable and water-resistant. It’s strong enough to withstand the worst natural elements and is rot-resistant. This type of siding material is recommended for tall buildings due to its exceptional durability.

Pick From Mastic Siding Accessories

Next, choose siding accessories that can give your home a new look.


Soffits are usually found beneath your roof’s overhang. They are built to safeguard the rafters and keep out moisture and pests. This mastic accessory helps to resist insects and fire, making it a trusted, low-maintenance choice for your home.


The Fascia is another accessory that comes as a trim that covers the end of the rafters. They are highly durable and come in many colors to fit your color choice.

Add Mastic Accents

Below are some of the best siding accents for your siding upgrade.


One of the things you shouldn’t leave out if you want your exterior turned into something more beautiful is the trim accent. Made with quality vinyl, trim accents last longer than wood and need little or no maintenance.


Shutters are one of the simplest, most noticeable accents you can give your home’s exterior.

Well-installed shutters give your house a traditional wood-grain appeal without peeling, cracking, or cracking.

Choose a Siding Color Design

This is arguably the most fun part of siding installation. Start by taking a look around your neighborhood and check out other homes with a similar architectural design to your own. Design experts recommend using one or two siding colors in addition to your primary siding color. Most homes use both a trim color and an accent color.

Here are a few hints for designing color by architectural style:

● Victorian homes can take as many as six different colors.

● Craftsman homes can feature up to four.

● Use the color wheel to match siding to brick or stone on your home.

Contact Our Siding Replacement Pros

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