You might not spend much time thinking about your home’s gutter system, but it works hard every time there’s rain or snow on your roof and plays a vital role in protecting your home. During the summer and fall, your gutters can fill with debris and become clogged, a problem that can eventually lead to ice dams and roof damage. Clogged gutters can also make a welcoming home for small animals during colder weather.

At Anderson Exteriors, we specialize in home exterior services including roof repairs and gutter replacement. We’ve put together this guide to help you stay on top of winter gutter maintenance. Give us a call to learn about gutter repair and replacement today.

1.   Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year unless there is a pine tree or shedding evergreen near your house. Wear gloves and use a sturdy ladder and a garden trowel or scoop to remove debris from gutter channels. Be especially attentive around joints and corners. To cut down on gutter cleaning, consider installing gutter covers.

2.   Check For Damage

Take a look around your home’s siding, fascia, and foundation for signs of leaks or damage like pooling water and staining. Locate the source of any existing damage and have your gutters repaired immediately to prevent your gutters from worsening. Make sure your gutter canals are attached to your home as well. Consider installing seamless gutters for gutters that are practically maintenance-free.

3.   Check Slopes and Downspouts.

Take a look at the ground beneath your gutters. Ideally, your gutter canals should direct water away from your home on a downward slope so it flows out into your yard rather than pools. If water is pooling anywhere around the base of your home, it can cause damage to your foundation.

One common source of gutter problems is due to improper installation when the gutters were originally installed. An experienced gutter installation contractor can inspect your gutters and make recommendations for repair or replacement if your slope is incorrect.

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If you’re tired of cleaning out your gutters, seamless gutter installation can take that item off of your fall maintenance to-do list. At Anderson Exteriors, we carry five-inch and six-inch seamless gutters and Premier gutter covers to make your life easier.

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