You probably don't give the exterior of your home very much thought on a regular basis. This is likely to be especially true if your home has vinyl siding. Although vinyl siding is designed to give you years of services, there are times when it does need to be replaced. The following signs are ones that point to this possibility.

1. The Color Needs to be Updated

If you have an older home -- or the last time you had siding installed was more than a few decades ago -- the color might need to be updated. While this is definitely an aesthetic issue -- as opposed to one that is practical -- having siding that is a beautiful color is not only important if you want to sell your home sometime in the near future, it can instantly increase its curb appeal for you, right now!

2. It's Been Damaged

Over the years, hail, downed trees and other natural occurrences can take their toll on the exterior of your home. Upon inspection, you might notice the denting, chipping or cracking that are all telltale signs of weather-related damage. These can make it difficult for your siding to provide the protection your home needs from rain, wind, ice and snow.

3. The Siding is Loose

Loose siding presents much more than an eyesore and a nuisance due to the noise that it might cause. Whether the siding has come loose because of damage by the wind, the house is settling or an inferior installation job, it cannot provide the underlying structure of your home with the right protection. Depending on your own particular situation, it might be possible to repair loose siding rather than replace it. However, only a professional siding installer can make that determination as the color has to match. In addition, it might simply be too expensive to fix loose siding when you can have it entirely replaced for a reasonable price.

4. Your Siding is Bubbling or Blistering

Vinyl siding is not supposed to blister or bubb
le. It can sometimes occur, though, when it is exposed to unnecessary moisture or heat. When you have it replaced, work closely with your siding installer so that the cause of this can be identified and eliminated.

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