As we round out the end of 2020, designers are already making their projections for the hottest home design colors for the coming year. If you’re planning to replace your Twin Cities residential roof in the coming year, design trends are just one of the many considerations you’ll take into account as you make your decision.

At Anderson Exteriors in Minnesota, we’re committed to helping homeowners choose the right roof for their home, budget, and style. In this post, we’ll share our best advice for sorting through all of the available roofing color options and picking the right color for your new roof.

Start With the Color Wheel

Take a look at your home’s exterior siding. Does your home have a warm or cool color? You want to use a tone that balances your roof’s hue by reflecting its warmth or coolness. Warm colors are colors with yellow, orange, or red shades in them. Cool colors are their opposites. Tones like most greens, blues, and purples are considered cool hues. But even neutral colors can carry cool or warm undertones. Look for the underlying tones in your paint or siding and choose a roof color that echoes these undertones.

Use Samples to Compare

Looking at paint or siding samples in various lighting next to the roof colors you’re considering can make it easier to see how they’ll look together. The beauty of working with samples is that you’re not committing to anything.

This also gives you the chance to experiment with different tones and hues until you find just the right combination for your home. Your roofing contractor may also be able to provide pictures of homes with the shingle color you’re considering.

Check Out Examples

Perhaps the best way to choose the right roofing color for your roof is to find examples of homes with a similar siding color. Look around your neighborhood and find homes that look good. You can also find plenty of great examples on home design websites. Don’t be afraid to share these ideas with your roofing contractor.

Here are a few recommended color combinations to consider:

        Cream/beige siding: Black, brown, green, blue, or gray

        Red siding: Black, gray, green, or dark brown

        Gray siding: White, black, blue, green, another shade of gray

        Brown siding: Brown or gray

        White siding: White, black, gray, or brown

Call Our Minnesota Home Exterior Contractors

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