When choosing new siding for your home, the options are seemingly endless. But no matter which siding material you choose, creating a pleasing palette to match existing brick or stone can be a challenge.

At Anderson Exteriors, our Twin Cities siding installers have decades of experience planning installations of a variety of siding materials. In this blog post, we’ll share tips for matching your new siding with your home’s existing stone or brick.  Check out our gallery and then give us a call to learn more about siding options for your home.

Begin With the Right Material

When it comes to choosing the right siding for your home, you don’t have to sacrifice style if you’re on a budget. Even with the most cost-effective solutions such as vinyl siding, you can still choose a striking color palette that creates good curb appeal. Our other siding options also come in a variety of styles and with different textures to create the perfect look for your house, whether it is a single-story ranch or two-story colonial.

Every material has its own unique advantages:

●        Vinyl siding color is long-lasting and does not require painting.

●        Engineered wood is incredibly durable.

●        Steel is the most durable and long-lasting material and is available in more styles than you might expect.

Matching Siding Style to Your Brick or Stone

No matter what type of architectural style you live in, here are a few suggestions to follow when pairing your siding with brick or stone:

●        For a more modern look, paint your siding and brick or stone in the same color.

●        For red or brown single-tone siding, black trim works well. With lighter shades like sand or beige, choose white trim.

●        Light shades of cream or beige look fantastic with stone or brick. Choose a shade that’s just a shade or two removed from your existing brick or stone.

●        High-contrast looks are also a solid bet. Pair blue or green siding with red brick or black siding with tan to maximize the impact of this look.

Call Our Twin Cities Siding Installers

Are you thinking of replacing your Twin Cities siding? Our experienced siding installers at Anderson Exteriors offer a wide range of siding solutions. We partner with the industry’s top manufacturers like LP SmartSide and Mastic to offer premium siding solutions that will add value to your home. Give us a call to get your free estimate at 763-323-0970 or you can contact us online today.