These days, it’s more important than ever to adopt greener living in our homes. Greener home choices are important because they help to reduce your household’s environmental footprint. But they can also have the additional benefits of lowering your energy costs, creating a more comfortable home, and adding to your home’s value.

At Anderson Exteriors, we work with Twin Cities homeowners every day to help create more comfortable and efficient homes. In this post, we’re sharing ideas to help you get a greener home. Give us a call to schedule your home remodeling services today!

1.   Reduce Your Electric Usage

This is one of the easiest ways to create a greener home. Start with the simple act of turning off lights that aren’t in use or using smart technology to turn them off on a schedule. During the daytime, try to rely more on natural lighting.

You should also get into the habit of turning off electronics you’re not using since they can use power even when not in use. Finally, start switching your household lighting from conventional light bulbs to LEDs as these can be up to 80 percent more efficient.

2.   Watch Your Water Use

Conserving water is important because it reduces the impact of wastewater treatment as well as the energy needed to treat and transport water. Try installing low-flow bathroom fixtures and limit water use in your home as much as possible.

3.   Replace Older Windows and Doors

You’d be surprised at how impactful leaky and poorly insulated windows and doors can be on your energy bills. If you have noticed drafts around windows and doors or feel a chill when you’re near a certain window, it’s time to think about window or door replacement.

Fortunately, today’s newer doors and windows use innovative new technology to reinforce their insulating qualities. To maximize your energy savings and reduction in energy costs, be sure to ask for Energy Star doors and windows.

4.   Update Your Insulation

Just as windows and doors can impact your energy costs, so can poor insulation. At Anderson Exteriors, we partner with Insultex House Wrap. Insultex is manufactured using a structured cellular fabric with micro air cells that trap air for a revolutionary level of insulation and R-value.

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