Good lighting is essential to an attractive, functional kitchen, and windows serve a key role in a kitchen’s lighting scheme. If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, replacement windows are an excellent place to start. By changing the window location or style, you can completely alter the look of your kitchen.

In this post from Anderson Exteriors, we’re sharing some of our favorite kitchen remodeling ideas to inspire your kitchen transformation. Give us a call to order your replacement windows today!

Remodeling With Natural Light

A window serves several key functions when it comes to a kitchen redesign. With all of the cabinets surrounding the walls of most kitchens, a well-placed kitchen window can break up the space. Windows also offer an antidote to the problem of too much artificial lighting, instead flooding your home with warm, natural sunlight. If you spend a good deal of time in a hot kitchen cooking, it’s also nice to have the ventilation offered by airy kitchen windows.

Most homes come built with a window placed over the sink, giving you a pleasant view when preparing a meal or washing dishes by hand. But there are plenty of other great ways to use windows as a focal point in your kitchen.

When you’re planning to purchase your replacement windows, consider these ideas:

1.    Install a Garden Window

A garden window opens a world of opportunities in any kitchen. Garden windows make the space feel roomier while creating a decorative focal point. Grow your own herbs to cook with or flowers to add warmth.

2.    Frame Your Dining Nook

Adding a large window next to your dining nook creates a dreamy space for families to gaze out and greet the day over a cup of coffee or a bowl of ice cream.

3.    Incorporate Cabinetry

Make your new window blend seamlessly into your space by adding a cabinet bridge over the top of the window. This also creates a charming shelf to store and feature some of your prettiest kitchen accessories.

4.    Add Grid Windows

Grids add a distinct look wherever they’re used. Consider incorporating black grids and a black interior frame for a distinguished design that looks just as stunning with modern home decor as it looks with a classic farmhouse design.

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