With summer right around the corner, homeowners are starting to look ahead to future home improvement projects and upgrades. As a Twin Cities roofing contractor, we often encounter homeowners who need to replace their roof but worry that the cost of a new roof is out of their reach.

In this post from Anderson Exteriors, we’re covering some of the main budget and financing considerations when paying for a roof replacement. Give us a call to discuss replacement roof options for your Twin Cities home today!

Roof Replacement Cost Considerations

One of the first things to know about paying for a replacement roof is that there are several outcomes that can affect the overall cost. For example, the cost of some construction materials can increase during the summer months due to demand, particularly from late summer through early fall. This is why many savvy homeowners will schedule their roof replacement projects during the early spring months to save money.

It should go without saying that the size of your home will play a key role in the cost of your roof repair. The type of roofing material you select can also cause your price to vary. This is because wood and metal roofs are much more costly than asphalt roofing materials.

Additionally, even if two roofing companies quote you the same price on roofing materials, be sure to find out how much the labor on your installation will cost. You don’t want to get hit with an unexpectedly high labor cost that catches you unawares.

To cut your replacement roof costs:

        Get quotes before you make a final decision.

        Time your roofing replacement to take advantage of savings.

        Speak with your contractor about cost-effective solutions.

Paying for a New Roof

It is true that a replacement roof can be quite costly. These are a few of the more common options for funding a roof replacement:

        FHA loans for single-family homes

        Homeowners insurance coverage, if applicable

        Private loans

        Home equity loans

Schedule a Replacement Roof Consultation Today

If you’re thinking of replacing your roof, it’s better to do it sooner than later. Putting off a roof replacement can lead to disaster down the road including significant damage inside of your home.

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