You may not put much thought into your windows from one day to the next, but they’re one of your home’s most important architectural elements. But when your windows are in good shape, your home is safer, more comfortable, and even more affordable.

Deciding whether your windows need to be repaired or replaced can be a challenge. That’s why our team at Anderson Exteriors has put together this handy guide to window repair and replacement. Keep this information at hand and then give us a call to schedule your next Twin Cities window replacement.

The Value of Good Windows

It’s not hard to love a bright, sunny living space filled with beautiful windows. But a good window is so much more than just a pretty face.

Here are just a few of the important ways that quality, high-performance windows improve your home:

●        Improved energy efficiency

●        Reduced monthly energy costs

●        Healthy ventilation

●        Clear views of your landscape

●        Fresh sunshine for your family

●        Indoor plant growth

●        Increased property value

●        Protection against the elements

●        Extra security

●        Added curb appeal

And on top of all that your windows already do, your windows are also a good way to customize the look of your home’s exterior.

Signs of Window Damage

Over time, even well-maintained windows can become damaged after many years. When this happens, all of the important services your windows provide can become compromised. Your home becomes less secure, and your energy costs can rise. That’s why it’s important to replace your windows as soon as you recognize that window repair is no longer giving you the best possible results.

These are some of the most common signs your windows are due for replacement:

●        Drafts near your windows signifying an air leak

●        Visible moisture between the window panes

●        Condensation covering your windows

●        Wet walls inside your home

●        Paint is peeling near windows

●        Windows no longer open or close properly

●        Warped frame or damaged seal

●        Mildew or mold

●        Outsized energy costs

Although window maintenance and repairs are important, they will only get you so far when your windows are no longer performing as they once did. Replacement windows are a fairly simple home exterior remodeling service that can be performed quickly by remodeling contractors with little inconvenience to your family. And with the power of today’s high-performance windows, you’ll see a solid payoff in terms of your home’s value.

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