Spring is in full swing and summer weather is just around the corner. Pretty soon we’ll all be enjoying more than our fair share of bluebird mornings and summertime sunsets. But if you spent this past winter huddled up under sweaters thanks to a drafty home, now is the right time to take steps to stop drafts in their tracks before next winter.

In this post from our exterior remodeling contractors at Anderson Exteriors, we’re breaking down everything you need to know to end drafts and enjoy a more comfortable home. Check out this handy guide and then contact our siding and insulation pros to schedule your home remodeling services or get a free estimate.

The Trouble With Drafts

When your home is well-sealed, it’s like your doors, siding, insulation, windows, and roof work together to form an invisible protective bubble. To home remodeling contractors and energy experts, this protective bubble is known as a thermal envelope.

Unfortunately, too many Twin Cities homes have an incomplete thermal envelope resulting in a drafty home. When your home is poorly insulated, you’re paying to heat the outdoors. Every time you turn up the thermostat, you’re turning up your next energy bill. You’re also experiencing a colder, draftier living space rather than a warm, cozy home for your family. And unless you take steps to close up those key points of air infiltration, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sealing Your Home

There are many potential points of air infiltration located throughout the inside of most homes in addition to a home’s exterior.

These are just a few common points of inadequate sealing:

●        Anyplace exterior building materials meet

●        Window and door frames

●        Baseboards

●        Around doors

●        Attic doors

●        Phone lines

●        Dryer vents

●        Room corners

Checking for Leaks

If you’re having trouble finding the source of a draft, there are a few tricks you can try to find out where the air is getting into your home. On a cool, windy day, turn off any combustion appliances including furnaces and water heaters and close all of your exterior doors and windows. Don’t forget to also close the fireplace flue.

Next, light a stick of incense and walk around the edge of your rooms where you suspect a leak and look for areas where the smoke wavers or moves into the room. Alternately, walk around your home with a damp hand to feel for cool spots.

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