Are you spending too much on your home’s monthly energy costs? With energy costs constantly on the rise, more homeowners are looking for ways to cut their energy usage. By upgrading your insulation, you can spend less on your bills without resorting to extreme energy-saving measures. And that’s just the beginning of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with high-performance insulation.

This post from Anderson Exteriors breaks down the benefits of investing in an insulation upgrade. To find out about energy-saving insulation solutions for your home, give us a call today!

1. Humidity Management

High humidity levels in a home can cause a whole host of problems. Increased allergies and other respiratory issues, mildew and mold growth, and damaged paint and wood are all common signs of high indoor humidity.

And when the humidity inside a building is high, the AC unit has to work even harder to keep up. Fortunately, high-performance insulation helps to reduce moisture transfer into a home, keeping humidity at more manageable levels.

2. Peace and Quiet

If you can hear every sound from the street or a nearby train is keeping you up at night, the problem most likely isn’t “thin walls” – it’s inadequate insulation.

Updating your home’s insulation will help to increase your home’s acoustic comfort levels so you can get a good night’s sleep without having to hear what the neighbors are up to.

3. Eco-Friendliness

In a time when more homeowners are looking for ways to lessen their impact on climate change, one of the most important steps you can take is to reduce your energy footprint.

By reducing the transfer of heat between your home’s interior and exterior with insulation upgrades, you’re giving your HVAC system a break and using less energy per household.

4. Return on Investment

Regarding return on investment (ROI), insulation offers one of the most significant returns among home improvements. That’s because you’ll see a reduction in your energy costs going forward, and those can add up significantly over time.

But insulation upgrades can also be a solid draw for potential buyers when you’re ready to sell and may even help you increase your asking price.

5. Protects Against Fire and Insects

Apart from keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, upgrading your insulation will also help you keep away fire and repel insects from your home.

Some dangerous insects and termites can damage your wooden furniture when they enter your home. These wood-eating insects can cause colossal damage to your properties before you know it. Therefore, spending money on quality insulation protects your home from these insects by blocking every little access point.

Also, some modern insulation materials are not as combustible as the old ones. Therefore, investing in quality insulation reduces the chances of your home getting razed down if there is a fire accident.

6. Less Carbon Footprint

By investing in top-quality insulation, you are not only protecting your home but also reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Some fiber or silica-made insulation materials are very good as they do not contain harmful chemicals that are detrimental to you and your immediate environment.

7. It Cuts Down Your Energy Bills

Inadequate insulation allows outside air into the house while allowing conditioned air to escape. This increases the air your HVAC system must cool or heat, increasing energy use.

Your home will become more energy-efficient, and your energy bills will drop significantly if you insulate the roof, walls, windows, and floor. You will cut down on the length of time your unit needs to run by stopping heat loss in the winter and heat entry in the summer. The amount of energy you save depends on how much energy you spend on heating or cooling your home.

8. Reduces Mold Issues

Insulation can prevent possible condensation on window frames which usually leads to mold growth. In addition, a home that is properly insulated can keep each room at a constant temperature without changes between the summer and winter seasons. This reduces or prevents moisture buildup that can lead to mold growth in your home.

Get Your Twin Cities Insulation Upgrades

Are you tired of avoiding the drafty spots during the winter only to suffer miserable humidity levels each summer? Chances are that you’re also paying more than you should on your energy bills due to inadequate insulation.

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