Choosing the color of your roof shingles is one of the most important design choices you’ll face when remodeling your home’s exterior. Your roof makes up a quarter or more of your home’s visible exterior components, and roof design can dramatically impact the overall design aesthetic of your home. But for far too many homeowners, choosing the right roof color comes down to little more than a slapdash decision or even a guessing game.

The key to choosing a shingle color that maximizes your home design and creates a harmonious exterior design is understanding a few basic design principles. In this post from Anderson Exteriors, we’re sharing inspirational design ideas to help you choose an inspired shingle color for your home. To check out our roof design options in action, give us a call today.

Getting Inspired

A new roof color isn’t something to take lightly. What works on a modern home with a certain siding color might not look right on an older home with cedar shake siding.

Here are a few ways to get shingle ideas that might look great on your home:

●        Ask your roofing contractor about their recommendations.

●        Conduct an Internet search for homes with your siding color.

●        Browse Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

●        Check out our online gallery.

●        Drive around your neighborhood for ideas.

Choosing a Shingle Color

You should consider the color of your siding first when deciding on a shingle color. Look for a color that complements your existing siding and works well with your home’s architectural design.

Here’s a simple guide to using some of the most popular shingle colors:

●       Multi

A multi-colored dimensional roof can look absolutely fantastic on a home. Owens Corning offers an Aged Copper with warm and cool tones that look fantastic with dark and light siding or even natural wood.

●       Brown

Brown shingles work well with a wide range of siding colors and almost function as a neutral shade. Brown shingles in hues like Prairie Wood look especially good with taupe, black, or blue siding.

●       Gray

Gray shingles can have either a warm brownish hue or a blue tone. Depending on the shade of gray, it can look good with several siding colors including navy, black, gray, white, and red, among others. The multi-faceted Cliffside Gray incorporates warm and cool hues, while Mystic Gray is a classic, bluish-gray.

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