With winter almost upon us, the weather is starting to cool down rapidly, which means icy mornings and falling leaves cluttering up front lawns and gutters alike. The combined impact of the changing seasons can add up to trouble for your home’s gutter system before the holidays even start this year. Most homeowners don’t realize you don’t need a heavy snowstorm to end up with serious problems impacting your home’s gutter system. When left unattended, they can end up causing damage to your home’s siding, windows, roof, and foundation.


Our gutter installation contractors at Anderson Exteriors in Ramsey can help you assess the condition of your gutters and stop problems in their tracks before they threaten your home. In this post, we’ll talk about the most common problems affecting your home’s gutters and how we can help.


1.      Gutter Clogs

Between the heavy rains of spring and summer to fall leaves and other debris, your gutters can easily end up with a blockage. A clog in your gutter system can damage your gutters, causing damage to your roof. It can also reroute water so it ends up inside your home or damaging your foundation near the house.


2.      Mold Growth

By the time winter rolls around, chances are pretty good your gutters have been collecting debris all summer long. When all of that debris begins to decompose, your gutters can become a breeding ground for unchecked mold. Not only does mold threaten the structural integrity of your canal system, but it can also spread into your home. Keeping debris out of your gutters is the only way to prevent the proliferation of mold in your system.


3.      Fire Hazards

You may not realize it, but debris in your home’s gutter system represents a fire hazard. The problem is greatest in the summer when dry air can interact with debris in your gutters to create homegrown kindling. But high wind days can happen any time of year, and having debris in your gutters isn’t worth the risk.


4.      Wildlife Nesting

When your gutters are filled with leaves and twigs, they can make an inviting home for a wide variety of wildlife. Insects, birds, squirrels, and even rodents can end up nesting in your gutter system. This can create blockages and contribute to warping and weight damage.


Connect With our Ramsey Gutter Installation Contractors

If your gutter system is in need of maintenance, it’s more than just an unattractive nuisance. Damaged gutters can end up costing you significantly in terms of serious damage to your home over time. With seamless gutters and gutter covers, we can help you create a reliable gutter system that will protect your home for years to come.


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