Although the holidays are a magical time in the Twin Cities, the winter weather report can be more than a little frightful this time of year. And even more frightful is the sight of the energy bills that come when we keep the thermostat cranked up to high heat for days on end. If you’re paying more than you should be on your home heating costs this winter, there are a few things you can do to reduce your bills. You can always try turning down the thermostat and piling on the sweaters, but there is a better way.

In this post from Anderson Exteriors in Minnesota, we’re breaking down everything you can do to make your home’s exterior more efficient in 2022. Check out this list and then call to schedule your Twin Cities exterior remodeling services today.

Start With a Plan

Before getting started on your efficiency checklist, remember that a little careful planning can go a long way. The best way to maximize your home’s energy performance is to work hand-in-hand with exterior remodeling contractors who can assess your home’s energy loss.

When you’re working on energy efficiency, you want to create a tight seal around your home, keeping heat inside your home’s thermal envelope. By preventing air and heat from transferring between your home’s exterior and interior, you’ll also see energy savings and enjoy a more comfortable home during the summer.

Use this checklist to maximize your home’s exterior efficiency:

1.    Seal your windows.

Take a walk around the inside of your home. If your windows are drafty, you may need to add weatherstripping or seal any cracks or gaps around the frame. Even better, replace any damaged or poorly performing windows with more efficient windows. Finally, consider adding shrink film to your windows during the winter months for an extra layer of insulation.

2.    Upgrade your attic insulation.

Many of the worst roofing and efficiency problems can be tied to inadequate attic insulation including ice dams and heat loss. If your attic insulation is older or has become damaged over the years due to moisture or animals, it’ time to invest in an upgrade.

3.    Add a storm door.

No matter how efficient your front door is, every home can benefit from a high-performance storm door. During the winter months, storm doors can dramatically reduce the amount of heat lost through your front door.

Get a More Efficient Home in 2022

Are you tired of paying too much on your heating and cooling bills? Don’t wait any longer to start cutting your costs. Call our efficiency experts today for your free estimate at 763-323-0970 or contact us online to connect with a member of our team.