If you’re thinking of taking on a home remodeling project this year, one of the best investments you can make is to purchase new siding. Siding updates can elevate the look of your home’s exterior, adding to your curb appeal and boosting your home’s selling price when you’re ready to move on. And with all of the great siding looks available from Anderson Exteriors, it’s also one of the most fun home improvement projects you’ll invest in.

In this post from Anderson Exteriors, we’re taking a closer look at some of the 2022’s top siding color trends. To get a free quote on your replacement siding services, give our siding replacement pros a call today.

1.   Earthy Greens

Greens are huge right now for both interiors and exteriors. Designers are catching on to the fact that green siding can be just as subtle and attractive as many neutrals, especially when paired with the right trim, soffit, fascia, window frames, and doors. And green has the added benefit of looking absolutely spectacular against natural landscaping, emphasizing florals and foliage alike.

For an allover look, you can’t go wrong with a monochromatic sage or olive. If you’re not ready to completely transform your exterior with an all-green siding look, try adding a deep green-gray trim shade, which looks especially stunning against neutral taupes and beiges.

2.   Near-Black Hues

Most homeowners don’t automatically go to black when they’re considering new siding, but they should. Very dark siding is complex and sophisticated and yet it looks great on just about any architectural design and in most neighborhoods. But the best way to pull off this look is with a near-black that explores the theme of dark siding without making your exterior feel too drab.

To pull this look off well, think in terms of brown-blacks, blue-blacks, or green-blacks. Near-black siding looks best when paired with natural wood or stone rather than a contrasting soffit or fascia, with the exception of Colonials, Craftsman homes, and other traditional housing designs that look great with white trim against a dark base.

3.   Dreamy Grays

Grays are trending in a big way right now. Think of the lighter gray hue spectrum as an attractive and versatile alternative to white siding. Gray works well as a backdrop for foliage and landscaping features, blends in well with neighboring housing, and pairs well with almost all options for siding trim from vivid orange to deep brown-black. Grays with bluish undertones help add a sense of relaxation and calm to your doorway, while warmer, brownish grays can create a sense of warmth and welcome.

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