Patios are a favorite for homeowners. When you are outside, patios allow you to experience nature with ease. When you are inside, patio doors act as a picture frame for the scenic view of your backyard. Although many homeowners enjoy patio doors, most aren’t taking every measure possible to ensure their patio doors are safe. The following are three ways you can protect your home and family by reinforcing your patio doors.

Install a Security Bar

In the past, the locks on patio doors didn’t make homeowners feel safe. With the right tools, a burglar could easily compromise the door and slip into your home. To compensate for that, manufacturers created slide-locking bars. These bars prevent your patio door from opening because they block the pathway. Inserted on the inside of your patio doors, thieves can’t compromise patio doors with this insert.

Purchase Patio Doors with the Latest Design

As technologies advance, it’s often the latest designs that offer the most security. With more information and technologies, patio door manufacturers can offer homeowners more protection. At Anderson Exteriors, we have patio doors from a variety of vendors that offer you the latest in patio doors. In fact, with new safety features, you will find your patio doors are as secure as your entry doors.

You may want to consider installing French patio doors to enhance security. French doors are often more secure than all glass patio doors because these doors aren’t all glass, and they aren’t seated on a track.

Maintain Your Door to Enhance Security

If you have traditional sliding doors, your door operates on a track. When debris gets onto your door’s tracks, it can cause your door to go off track. A door that’s off track is inviting to thieves since they wouldn’t have to do much work to gain access to your home. However, with regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubing your track, you can significantly improve your door’s security.

Patio doors are great additions to a home. Regardless of what side of the door you are on, you get a picturesque view. To get the full enjoyment out of your patio doors, it’s important that you ensure that your doors are secure. You can choose to reinforce the security features in your existing doors, or you can install new patio doors that have enhanced security features. Give our team at Anderson Exteriors a call if you are considering installing patio doors.