You want your home at its best because it’s an investment. Bigger than being an investment, your home is your oasis. It is a place where you find solace. Fortunately, you can easily transform the look and feel of your home with these easy tips.

Add a Bay Window to Your Home

Everyone enjoys a bay window. Bay windows are oversized windows that protrude outward. These windows allow more sunlight in your home, and if done right, they can offer you extra, hidden storage. On the outside, bay windows add another dimension to the look of your home. They break up the monotony by giving your exteriors a little extra pizazz.

Use Color to Liven Your Home

Another cost-effective way to make your home stand out is by adding color to your home. You can choose to paint rooms in your home or the outside of your home, either option will change the way you see your home. Before you paint, you should consider color trends for 2016. Many paint manufacturers are creating new colors can help you set the tone in a room.

Enhance Your Landscaping

A manicured lawn is one of the best ways to refresh the exteriors of your home. From well-defined walkways lined with flowers to a water feature laced with the perfect stones, there is nothing quite like a lawn created with passion. If you don’t know where to start, you should consider hiring a professional. By employing a professional, you can capitalize on the latest trends in the industry. If your budget is limited, you should consider strategic lawn changes that create the most impact, such as sprucing up your lawn by adding flowers of multiple colors.

Add a Theme

Themes make homes charming. If you want to add a theme to your home’s exteriors, your options are limitless. The best way to add a theme is to start at a craft store. You can browse a number of accessories to determine the best approach for your new look. Once you’ve found a theme, have fun strategically incorporating your theme into your landscape and the exteriors of your home.

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