Older houses hold a particular charm because of a personality they exhibit of your family's values. Newer houses have the latest styles and commodities which provide function and comfort while displaying your environmental awareness. You choose which style you prefer according to personal taste, but try to remember they don't have to be mutually exclusive of each other.

Insulation Upgrades

The quickest, easiest way to improve the efficiency of your house and lower power bills is to upgrade your insulation. Upgrading your insulation doesn't have to be as complicated as tearing out the walls and rebuilding the entire system. Adding or replacing insulation in the attic will show immediate results in lower power bills for heating and cooling the home. Further, an unfinished basement or crawl space has often been overlooked but provides easy access for additional insulation which make the house more efficient.

Efficient Windows and Doors

Windows and doors, even if they are causing an obvious draft of exterior weather, are very commonly overlooked as a source of power consumption. Replacing damaged windows and doors, or repairing them according to what the specific circumstances call for, is hands down the easiest thing you can do to be eco-friendly and reduce your home's power consumption. Windows and doors are not individual aspects of your house, rather, they are designed to work as part of the overall system.

Insulated Siding

Replacing your home's exterior is not really a part of routine maintenance and doesn't come up as a feasible option very often, but there are times when replacing the siding is a good idea. It gets damaged by weather over time and may need replacement. It may be that you found a great deal on a home you love except for the exterior color. Whatever your reason for replacing the siding, it's important to understand there are options to add insulation to the exterior of the house which will then be covered by the new siding, and there are sidings with built-in integral insulation as part of their design.

Gutters and Rainwater Management

Most homeowners don't realize what professionals understand in that gutters are not simply a convenience but part of your home's overall design. The gutter directs rainwater to the downspout, then works in conjunction with your landscaping to disperse the water across the lawn. Otherwise, water goes directly to your foundation, which although it has its own drainage system wasn't really designed to handle the bulk of every rainfall.

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