To the layman, the homeowner, windows and siding are typically little more than an afterthought. You determined what you and your family needs in a home, what neighborhoods you like and school districts you want to live in, and shopped for a bit until you found a house you both love and can afford to purchase. To the average person, the siding is what you first saw as it is the color of the house and sets the overall mood upon entry. The windows, assuming they work, are simply your view of the outside world while letting in sunlight and the occasional breath of fresh air. However, windows and siding are quite simple to repair or replace in order to make the house more livable or in order to add features you've always wanted in a home.

Siding Repair and Replacement

Siding does become damaged over time. It is designed to withstand the weather and handle the storms which happen in your area. Regular maintenance can repair most typical damage and prevent further problems, as the siding works as a system to protect itself with overlapping layers. With that said, replacing the siding is a relatively simple and inexpensive means of refreshing the house. New siding, perhaps with an interior paint job, will make the house look and feel new again or can change the mood which is set when guests first see the home from the street upon their approach.

Window Options

Windows are a bit different than siding in that they are something you actively use rather than being passively aware of their function. Obviously a cracked pane of glass can be replaced, but you should be aware there is more than glass as part of a double pane window. Between the panes there is an inert gas which helps insulate your home and prevent condensation from forming. Of course any broken window can be repaired, but quite frankly, replacement windows are very inexpensive and it's usually a better idea to upgrade your house with a new window than fiddle around with trying to make repairs.

When you need repairs or replacement of windows and siding, your best bet is to discuss options with a professional contractor. The contractor knows what is available and has experience with other situations similar to your own to help with the best possible advice for your home.