Have you noticed an increase in your heating bill? Can you hear what’s going on in other rooms in your home without effort? If you’ve answered yes, then you may need more insulation in your home.

Adding insulation is one of the easiest ways to lower your energy bills and enjoy the quietness of your home. Below you will find a few simple ways to determine if you need more insulation in your home.

Look at the Joints in Your Attic

Most people hire professionals to add insulation to their attics because it’s the most cost-effective approach. Once they’ve determined you need more insulation, the next step is choosing the type of insulation you need.

You can determine if you need more insulation in your attic by looking at your insulation. If you can see the joints in your attic and the insulation, then you need more.

Additionally, if you experience ice dams on your roof during the winter, then you need more insulation in your home. Ice dams are created by warm air escaping your home through your attic. If you had ice dams in the past, you can reduce your chances of having ice dams this year and lower your energy bills by adding more insulation.

Get an Energy Audit

Of course, you have insulation inside the walls of your home. If you don’t need insulation in your attic, that doesn’t mean your walls are properly insulated. Get an energy audit performed to determine if you need additional insulation.

If you do need insulation, don’t worry about opening walls. Our team of professionals can suggest cost-effective ways to get insulation inside your walls, including inserting foam insulation or pouring insulation in your wall.

How to Choose Insulation

At Anderson Exteriors, you are never alone when it comes to deciding on what insulation is right for you. As experts in the field, we are well-versed in the various options available to you.

Typically, the R-Value assigned to insulation determines how the insulation will perform. However, we also take into consideration your existing insulation, which could reduce the amount of insulation you need and the R-Value that will work best for you.

With winter around the corner, now is the perfect time to see if you need more insulation. Even though it’s great to have adequate insulation throughout the year, it’s more important to have it during the colder months since heat rises. If you suspect you need more insulation, give us a call today so we can schedule an energy audit for you.