Spring is a time for new beginnings which often translates into people putting their homes on the market. Making your home stand out among all the other homes for sale this spring is made easier by paying attention to a few crucial methods of increasing its curb appeal. Even if you aren't in the market to sell your home, you can infuse it with freshness and increase its appeal by doing the following: 


1. Replace your entry door

Nothing says "welcome" like a fresh, new entry door that is in good repair. Choose one that reflects the scheme and architecture of your home for the best in continuity. 


2. Fix your gutters

Winter storms with their driving rain, hard hitting hail and blustery winds can be hard on your guttering system. If your gutters are sagging or some sections are missing, spring is the time to get them replaced. As an added bonus, not only will getting new gutters make your home look well maintained and cared for, you'll also be prepared for the influx of spring rains. Gutters that work properly will divert water away from the foundation of your home where it could potentially do some damage. 


3. Replace your sliding glass or patio door

Did you notice that your patio or sliding glass door was not operating as smoothly as you'd like them to? Chances are these doors will start to get an increase in use and an inability for smooth operation can put a damper on your seasonal fun. Replacing these doors is also crucial so that you can show your home off to its best ability if you are trying to sell it. 


4. Install new siding

The exterior of your home is the first thing that captures the attention of people who are passing by. If you are looking for a low maintenance exterior material that looks good and lasts for years, siding is something you should consider. While the word "siding" might conjure up images of vinyl siding, these days there are numerous other choices in materials. 


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