You’ve probably heard it before: Making small repairs can boost your home’s value over time. What about windows? As it turns out, your home’s most-used components are also one of its biggest value items.

While it might be an exaggeration to say your home’s value can increase by 20% with full window replacements, installing new windows can greatly increase its value. Let’s check it out!

Understanding Thermal Holes, Energy Efficiency, & Home Value

Your home’s windows are thermal holes. On average, your home loses about 30% of its heating energy through these holes. Sometimes, circulating heat is completely lost via these holes.

Next to bad insulation, a poor window setup can greatly increase your utilities. So, from a value standpoint, energy efficiency is a valued household aspect.

Outdated Windows Are a Big Source of Energy Loss

Replacing outdated windows can boost your home’s value. That said, you’ll need to take care in determining which windows are outdated.

If you’re replacing incredibly old windows, you’ll boost your home’s value. Sure, it won’t redefine your home’s price bracket, but it can certainly enhance your home’s modern appeal.

Installing new windows has many benefits as well, including increased security, improves insulation, and extends the life of your heating and cooling equipment.

Replacement Windows Improve the Overall Look

At the end of the day, aesthetics matter. If you’re shopping for new windows, make sure they’re good-looking. Really, a home design can greatly boost its value. Aside from energy savings and modernized installations, a home’s look can increase its value. If your home’s other additions are made of specific materials, it’d be unwise to invest in clashing window designs.

At the end of the day, the above factors matter most. That said, you should always pay attention to your climate. Additionally, consider any outdoor shade which is covering your windows. You needn’t replace protected windows before others, and low-hanging trees – or even your roof – can insulate your home to a high degree.

The Pricing Game for Replacement Windows

A lot of factors determine your home’s value. Structural integrity, location and its many rooms are prioritized, from a cost perspective. After this, floors, doors and windows are considered.

Remember: Conduct a cost analysis on any window replacement projects. Even if adding windows can add value to your home, they cost money to buy and install.

The average cost for a window replacement can be around $650 per window, in addition to the labor costs, which can run between $100-$300 per window. Always ask your provider for a cost rundown and make sure you’re not overextending yourself monetarily before installing new windows.

Once you have installed new windows, make sure you relay the changes before selling your home. Often, window replacement in and of itself is grounds for a price increase, regardless of the installed design.

How Much You Get From Investing in New Windows

In the most recent Cost vs.Value report, replacing old windows with new vinyl windows can have a return of over 57% when selling your home. Replacing windows with wood windows has a return of over 55% when selling.

While you could get a better return on other projects, like a garage door replacement, you are benefitting from the new windows while you’re still living in the home and the cost efficiency they provide. You won’t have to pay as much for your heating and cooling costs.

Energy Efficiency Ratings to Consider

There are several factors that improve window energy efficiency. The Department of Energy reports that your windows are responsible for 25 to 30% of your home’s heating and cooling use.

When shopping for new windows, you should consider:

  • High-quality frames
  • Multi-paned glass
  • Gas-insulated window panes
  • Low-E glass (which reflects infrared light)
  • Warm edge spacers

These features improve your windows’ energy efficiency and can reduce costs. These windows will also be a good selling point for your home, because the new owners won’t have to worry about replacing the windows right away. After all, about 63% of home buyers prefer a turn-key home to a fixer-upper.

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