Whether you're conducting a full renovation or just would like to make a few upgrades to your home, adding new windows is perhaps the simplest way to make your house new again. A major consideration is not only that new windows will lower your heating and cooling costs, but have convenience and security features which weren't previously available. If your windows have a hard time opening and closing, need a stick to prop them up and stay open, or refuse to shut fully and latch securely, your house is a likely candidate for new windows.

Modern Windows versus Older Styles

Although wooden windows are available today, modern windows are typically made of a vinyl outer cosmetic piece with a steel and aluminum frame for strength. Integral springs and cables are used instead of separate counterweights to assist in raising the windows and modern manufacturing techniques provide a smoother operation. Windows typically tilt into the home for cleaning so you don't have to use a ladder or negotiate shrubbery to reach the outside of the windows, meaning they tend to stay clean because it isn't as much of a chore to clean them on a regular basis. There are also security features available which prevent the window from being opened from the outside yet allow you to leave the window opened slightly according to your needs. Design options are available with custom and specialty windows according to your needs and cosmetic preferences.

Customization Options

A common customization is to add a radius at the top of the window, which makes the window stand out as being a bit nicer than standard. Such curved lines tend to add a flowing, soft feel to the front of your home which you and your guests can appreciate or a potential buyer may value. Another option is to build several windows in a single frame to make what is essentially a giant window which allows in plenty of light and provides a great view of the outdoors. You may also want to discuss with your contractor whether emergency egress or glass block may be appropriate for a particular room in your house.

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