In the case of your attic and its insulation, if out of sight equates to out of mind, you could be losing money. Heat loss through the attic is common during Minnesota winters. If any of the following reasons are present, it's a good indication that you need more insulation in your attic this year. Anderson Exteriors is here to help you weather this winter more comfortably and while also using less energy.


1.      You Suspect That You Have Air Leaks
Cold air entering your home from cracks or openings in your attic is one of the primary reasons for needing more insulation. The places where the ductwork of your HVAC system enters the attic is a common location of such air leaks. Anderson Exteriors can increase the amount of insulation at these key junctures.

2.      Your Heating Costs are Rising
If you notice that your heating costs seem to be rising every winter, it's likely that your attic is at least partly responsible. While your first thought is likely to be that your HVAC system is to blame, it probably isn't if it isn't old or improperly maintained. Instead, it's more likely that the warm air your HVAC system is putting out is escaping through your attic. This issue can be quickly and effectively addressed by adding more insulation. At Anderson Exteriors, we've been professionally installing insulation in homes in the Ramsey and Coon Rapids Minnesota areas since 1981.

3.      Your Attic Insulation Has Obvious Gaps
As part of your winter prep, you should do a walk-through of your attic at least once a season. While you're up there, take a close look at the insulation. Does it cover all of the floor joists? If you can see your floor joists, or the insulation does not extend upward from the floor, you will likely experience cold spots in your attic. This can, in turn, translate to high utility costs and a less comfortable winter for you and your family. Anderson Exteriors are experts at thoroughly evaluating the amount and condition of the insulation in your attic.


As a veteran owned business located in Ramsey, MN that also serves the surrounding areas of Andover, Blaine and Coon Rapids, Anderson Exteriors is dedicated to helping you save money and live a more comfortable life. Email or call us today to schedule your free quote for attic insulation, so your home is prepared for winter.