A home’s siding is important in terms of aesthetics, but it’s also vital to a household’s functionality. A lot of siding types exist, and Anderson Exteriors provides some of the best options around. Siding protects a home’s wooden frame from wind damage, rain, rodents, insects, and mold. It also secures a home’s temperature, saving time and money over many years. Every Anderson Exterior siding option is worthwhile. Depending on your home’s needs, some options may be more suitable than others.


Vinyl Siding

Anderson Exteriors vinyl siding is manufactured with durability in mind. Newer vinyl installations mitigate storm damage. They can be combined with different insulating materials, like Insultex house wrap, to improve a home’s thermal retention. If you’re looking for a new home style, check out the many vinyl siding colors available.


Wood Shingle Siding

Wood siding, also called cedar “shake” siding, offers long-lasting weather protection without sacrificing a home’s rustic aesthetic. Cedar shake siding might need a little more care than other siding options, but it can instill a sense of beauty. Anderson Exteriors wood shingle siding is highly advanced, lasting longer than competing alternatives.


Steel Siding

Steel siding has become popular in recent years due to its modern appeal, resistant surface and ease of installation. It’s a great option for homeowners residing in harsh-weather locations. It’s also a fantastic choice for typically chilly households. If your home experiences rainfall, hail or heavy winds often, steel siding is the best choice.


Brick Siding

Brick siding offers a traditional look, complementing your home’s classic aspects while remaining cost-effective. Resistant to insects, rot, fire and heavy winds, brick siding is a great choice for long-lasting comfort. It’s a perfect siding option if you’re considering installing new exterior applications, too. Because brick siding is easily installed, altered and removed, it’s a highly adaptive home option used by many.


Stone Siding

Anderson Exteriors stone siding is a cost-effective alternative to traditional masonry. Available in a variety of styles, stone siding is a fantastic option to improve upon your home’s natural look without adding unnecessary seams. Stone siding is surprisingly lightweight, remaining conventional while protecting your home from rot, insects, mold growth and leaks.


All Anderson Exterior siding is crafted in Iowa, Ohio, and Minnesota. We understand our homeowners’ needs, and we guarantee high-quality siding installations, repairs, and removals as needed. Update your home with our astounding siding options, and contact an Anderson Exterior professional today at (763)-323-0970. Our siding replacement, installation, and maintenance methods have been perfected by years of experience, and our technicians are always ready to provide information.