If you ask most homeowners when they think the ideal time to schedule improvements to their home or when they plan to do so, nearly all of them will say the spring or summer. At Anderson Exteriors, we'd like to point out that fall in Coon Rapids, Blaine, Ramsey, and Andover and the surrounding areas in MN lends itself to home improvement projects like having new doors and/or windows professionally installed. Here are the top three reasons why we think this fall is the perfect time to call us to set up an appointment.  


1.      It's Budget Friendly
You probably are already aware that having your doors and windows replaced not only adds beauty to your home, but that you'll also save money on your utility bills for years to come. By choosing to have them installed during the fall months, though, you are less likely to need to run the heat or air conditioning in order to feel comfortable while our team works on your home. This means that you won't be losing money through the open areas of your home as we work.

2.      Our Schedules Ease Up
At Anderson Exteriors -- as with many other contractors -- our schedules book up pretty quickly as the spring and summer months approach. Unless something unexpected happens to a homeowner who makes an appointment and they must cancel, our schedules are often booked up days or weeks in advance. As the kids go back to school and the cool weather approaches, our schedules become more flexible. This means that we can often get your project scheduled more quickly. You are also more likely to have your choice of days so it's easier to work around your own personal schedule.

3.      The Weather is Perfect
While the spring and summer bring a welcome relief to the cold temperatures of winter, the changing of the seasons also means that insects, like mosquitos and flies, make their reappearance as well. During the fall, the temperatures often drop low enough at night time so that these pests are killed off. You won't have to worry as much about them invading your home while our installation team is working to replace your windows and doors. You also probably won't feel uncomfortably hot or cold during the fall days. You won't regret not being able to turn on your heating or cooling system in order to stay comfortable.


Here at Anderson Exteriors, we're ready to install your doors and windows. Simply give us a call at 763-323-0970, and we'll get you scheduled for a free quote at your convenience!