Whew, it's cold out there! And yet, it's still not too early to start thinking about your spring projects. Before you know it, the warmer weather will be here, and you'll want to be ready to jump right in with your plans. With the way supplier shortages have gone during the pandemic, the sooner you can start planning, the better.

With that in mind, here’s a roundup of exterior projects Anderson Exteriors can help you out with!

1. Exterior Siding

Siding does more for your home than increasing its curb appeal; It protects against the elements and little critters and bugs that want to make their way into your home. Some signs your siding needs to be replaced include popping nails, seams and cracked caulk, fading or flaking pain, or  warped pieces of siding.

Whether you want to sell your home this spring or you're simply looking for a beautiful, durable, and low maintenance way to protect it from the elements, nothing makes a home look stunning quite like the addition of fresh new siding. Anderson Exteriors can help!

Our siding selection includes high-quality styles, materials, and colors, including brick, steel, stone, cedar shakes, and more.

2. Replace Your Windows

Are you experiencing air leakage through your windows this winter? This can not only make you more uncomfortable, it can significantly increase your utility bills.

Anderson Exteriors has the answer: new windows that are as energy efficient as they are beautiful!

Whether you want standard exterior windows to replace your old ones or you want specialty windows that really make your home stand out from its neighbors, we have a premium selection for you to choose from. Need help deciding? Our experienced team can help you find the right windows for your budget and needs.

3. Check Your Gutters

With the heavy snows and accompanying melting runoff that we get here in Minnesota, a high-functioning gutter system is a necessity. Not only does such a system give your home a more finished look, it helps divert the runoff away from the walls and foundation.

Left unchecked, this runoff could cause your home to be exposed to excess moisture – both inside and out – leading to a breakdown in its materials as well as mold. Some signs of gutter problems to look for include puddles near foundation, damage to your siding, no flow from downspout, and bent or cracked gutters.

4. Repair or Replace Your Doors

Not only does your choice of entry and patio doors welcome visitors, they also add value and beauty to your home. The right patio door, for example, can make it easier for you to entertain friends as well as let in natural light.

The entry door you choose sets the tone for the entire home while ensuring that it is secure against the elements – natural or otherwise. If you notice that your door is letting in a lot of cold air during the winter months, or that your heating and cooling bills have climbed, then it might be time to replace your exterior doors.

Living in Minnesota means rapidly changing weather and temperatures, which can damage your doors, causing extra problems down the road. Most doors that get a lot of use are not made to last forever, so replacing your doors can improve the look of your home and have an impact on your energy costs.

5. Install a New Roof

If your roof is nearing the end of its life, or you’re spending more time repairing it, then it might be time for a total replacement. There are many ways to pay for a new roof, and you’ll find that your entire home will benefit from having zero leaking spots or places for critters to get inside.

Neglecting your roof can bring a host of problems, like mold, mildew, and wet spots. Water can damage the structure integrity of your roof as well, which makes it more likely to collapse during a major storm. Anderson Exteriors can help you decide on a new roof that will last.

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