We don’t have to tell you that winter weather is no joke in Minnesota. Because of frigid temperatures and inches of snow, you’ve likely already noticed how your heating bills tend to skyrocket the most during the winter months. And you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to help decrease your energy costs for the season.

The best time to prepare for winter is before the snow begins to fall, so follow these tips from Anderson Exteriors to save money on your utility bills!

Replace Your Front Door

If your home is like most Minnesotans’, the front door gets a great deal of use every day. Not only can this lead to the door looking its age, but it can also wear away the weatherstripping, allowing cold air to enter your home. Your door could also become misaligned or difficult to close.

Regardless of the issue, Anderson Exteriors can provide a range of energy efficient and beautiful entry doors that help keep the cold Minnesota air outside where it belongs.

Install New Patio Doors

Does your patio door get a great deal of use during the warmer weather? Between letting the dogs out in the backyard, the kids running in and out, and entertaining guests on your patio or deck, your patio door might not be operating as smoothly as it used to.

Perhaps it is difficult to close all the way so you've noticed that it sometimes gets left open by little tykes who are in a hurry. Or maybe it's come off its track, making it difficult to close smoothly. Maybe you can feel cold air coming up around its frame.

Anderson Exteriors can provide you with a free quote for a brand new and energy efficient patio door. With the right patio door, you'll also be able to enjoy the warmth and brightness that natural light offers in the winter.

Add More Insulation

Anderson Exteriors offers several top brands of insulation to meet all the needs of its Ramsey, Minnesota area customers. A thorough assessment of your home by our team of experts will reveal the areas that need insulation and the type that is best for your needs.

The right type and amount of insulation help keep the heated air of your home inside so it can maintain the interior temperature, make you feel more comfortable, and decrease your energy costs. The current level of insulation, the design of your house, and other factors help determine the best approach and materials to use.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Roofs weather a lot of abuse during the winter months in Minnesota. Ice, hail, snow, and rain can cause damage that you may not be able to see. One of the best ways to avoid a roof problem during the winter is to schedule a roof inspection.

Anderson Exteriors can come to your home and inspect your roof to ensure it will make it through the winter without any problems. An inspection of your roof can benefit other areas of your home as well. If your gutters are damaged or bent, they could cause foundation damage during heavy rainfall or melting snow.

Replace Your Windows

Old windows can be a major problem during winter months. They leak cold air inside your home and allow your warm air to make its way outside. If your windows are old, there are many benefits to replacing them. They help with your home’s insulation, make your home more comfortable, and eliminate cold spots, which means your furnace won’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm.

Anderson Exteriors can help you make the decision to replace old windows and help your home save money when the cold air comes.

Repair Your Siding

Did you know that your home’s siding is the first line of defense against cold air and precipitation? Siding acts as additional insulation and helps keep the elements out of your home.

Like a roof, it takes a beating when the winds blow and ice forms. There are many signs that your siding needs replacement or repair, and making those repairs can help reduce your energy costs this winter.

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