Well, the new year is here. If you’re like us, you’re keeping up with annual window trends. Whether you’re redesigning, installing or fixing up your home’s preexisting windows, we’ve got a few trends we’d like to dish out. Here at Anderson Exteriors, we’re dedicated to your home’s top-tier look, year-round. Give us a call at 763-323-0970, if you want to chat about window replacement, new windows or window fix-ups. But first, check out 2018’s leading window designs and implementations. Trust us: You’ll be happy you did.


Trend One: Bronze-Clad Windows

Bronze is here, and it’s here to stay. Of the big window trends we’ve seen in 2017, bronze-clad windows are the most likely to make a bigger splash in 2018. Homeowners are ditching their white windows, installing boldly colored vinyl windows. Bronze-clad wooden windows are in, too, featuring an extruded bronze cladding surrounding wooden window frames. Reportedly, this look offers the perfect blend of style and durability.


Trend Two: Double and Triple-Paned Windows

These window designs have been around for a while. That said, they’re becoming more popular because of their insulative potential. They can be filled with insulating gasses—like argon—to keep a home’s air temperature stable. Plus, these designs promote ENERGY STAR label glass. The more panes, the better.


Trend Three: Pass-Through Windows

Homeowners are changing up their floorplans, integrating outdoor living spaces to “open up” their indoor areas. Thus, we see more pass-through window designs. The pass-through style connects multiple rooms while maintaining a feeling of separation. This trend works with a slew of window shapes, too, giving homeowners an opening to work with folding windows, patio windows and den windows alike.


Trend Four: Wide Glass

Homeowners remodeling their homes, meanwhile, are adopting wide glass to complement their lift-and-slide doors. Wide glass allows for unparalleled views, maximized daylight and a focus on nearby accent windows. Rectangular shapes are promoted, of course, touching upon modern arch designs while highlighting a home’s curved surfaces.


Trend Five: Drape Minimalism

Where drapes are considered, a lot of homeowners are taking out the long, flowing drapes. They’re opting for a modernist touch—going for shorter, thinner drape styles. While this doesn’t directly refer to window designs, themselves, it still touches upon a home’s window appearance in general. All around, homeowners are showing off great window designs—trimming away the inessentials.


So, what do you think? Call us today, and let one of our window contractors take a look at your home’s windows. You have a lot of window styles to choose from, and we believe the first step to a modernist, energetic home exists with a solid window remodeling.