When building new, or contemplating window replacement with new windows, or even replacing both patio doors or sliding doors, consider getting blinds installed between the glass of your windows. That may seem a bit odd to you, since blinds were originally made to hang in front of the glass for easy access, but there are many sound reasons for getting blinds between the glass installed.


No Hassle

One of the most frustrating things about blinds are the hassle. Cords that hang down and get tangled, break or fall apart. No matter which of those happens, you'll be spending valuable time attempting to sort out the mess, and if the string breaks, you are looking at potentially getting your entire blind replaced.


Kids and Pets

For some reason, kids and pets are drawn to blinds almost like a magnet. Cats love to play with the hanging string, dogs like to chew on the plastic holder, and kids love to twist and bend the slats. You may be able to train your pets and teach your kids not to play with the blinds, but by then the damage will be done, and you are looking at costly replacement to make them right again.



The worst part about blinds is cleaning them. In fact, an entire industry has grown up around gadgets that are specifically made to clean the slats. From furry cleaners to rubber and feathery types, keeping your blinds dust free means once-per-week dusting, and keeping them dirt and grime free may mean once per month soap and water washing. If you are doing this by hand, be careful not to bend or break any slats in the process, and if doing it with a specialized blind cleaner, well, you know they don't work as well as when advertised on TV.


The Between the Glass Solution

Virtually every problem described does not apply to blinds between the glass. Here's why ...

●        No exposed cords —You'll never have to worry about cords being yanked, pulled, tangled, played with or broken again. Simple mounted slides allow you to open, close, or raise and lower blinds. No cords, no hassles.

●        Kids and pet proof — With completely enclosed blinds, kids can't can't bend or break slats, there is nothing for dogs to chew on, and there are no cords for cats to play with. No worries.

●        Forget about cleaning — Blinds between the glass require no cleaning, since they are not exposed to dust, dirt, grime or grit.


Hassle-free appearance, kid and pet-friendly, and with no cleaning needed—that's exactly what you can expect when blinds between the glass are installed in your home. For questions about how blinds between the glass can improve your living experience, contact Anderson Exteriors at 763.323.0970. Call us today for a free quote about window replacement.