Anderson Exteriors boasts a power-packed lineup of energy efficient doors. Our entry doors keep your residence safe, securing the area from intruders, pests and bad weather alike. We’ve spent years creating the perfect inventory of energy efficient options. Between our wooden and synthetic door options, you have many things to choose from.

So, which door is right for you? Every home is different. Every home deserves its own look, feel, and structural security options. At Anderson Exteriors, we put the homeowner first. We’ll outfit your living area with a great door installation, soon enough. First, however, you should decide whether you need a wooden or synthetic entry door.

Wooden Doors

While synthetic doors have become popular, wooden doors are still a great option. A wooden door has a high-end look, boosting a home’s overall beauty. A nice wooden door can channel your home’s coziness at the doorstep.

A wooden entry door is cheaper than its fiberglass alternative. Plus, they’re natural. Few things compare to the allure of a great wooden style. If you install a wooden door, you’ll have many artistic and aesthetic designs to choose from.

Synthetic Doors

Our inventory of synthetic doors, metal doors, and hybrid-material doors give customers a wealth of benefits. Synthetic doors may cost more up front, but they offer long-term cost efficiency. Resistant to harsh weather, pests, scratches, and dents, synthetic doors are great in most scenarios.

They’re also available in many colors and styles. Because they have few maintenance requirements, they tend to be cheap to maintain. Easily painted, synthetic doors still hold up against wooden doors in terms of design customization.

Picking the Right Door

So, which material is right for you? Both wooden and synthetic doors boast great potential. While wooden doors look great, bring out a home’s style and are incredibly durable, synthetic doors tend to withstand the test of time a little better. Where design options are considered, homeowners may benefit more from a synthetic door’s many painting options. Depending on your customization needs, synthetic may be a better option.

Ultimately, the choice is yours! When choosing your home’s entry door, make sure you keep energy efficiency in mind. If your home experiences hot summers and very cold winters, a synthetic door will save you money. A synthetic door will also withstand the stresses of humid environments, too, whereas wooden doors may collect mold and mildew. If you want to complement your home’s efficiency with style, however, wood is still a great option.

Call us today at 763-323-0970 with any questions. Anderson Exteriors specializes in entry doors, and we’re ready to boost your home’s feel and efficiency.