Your gutters might be on the roof, but they can still impact your home’s foundation. Anderson Exteriors specializes in gutter installation, and we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home’s potential. Whether you’re installing new gutters, repairing old gutters or are worried about foundation damage—these gutter tweaks can help.

Prevent Mold Buildup

As rainwater makes its way through your gutters, it’ll eventually reach the ground. When it does, it might seep into your home’s foundation. Sometimes, the water runoff contains mold which has been picked up from the insides of your gutters. To prevent serious foundation issues, make sure your gutters aren’t packing any mildew.

Check Your Warranty

Your gutters come with a warranty, which can secure check-ups repairs, cleanings, and inspections. Make sure your warranty hasn’t run out of time, however, because a voided warranty can create problems when you need a repair.

Get the Right Materials

Anderson Exteriors offers a number of gutter options. Galvanized steel, vinyl, aluminum, and copper will reduce mold—and they’ll also make sure your roof’s water is redirected appropriately. Gutters made from effective materials won’t warp—assuring your home’s foundation is constantly protected from excess leaks.

Maintain Them Properly

Remember: Your gutters are only effective if they’re properly maintained. At least once per month, assure your gutters have been cleared of branches, tree leaves, berries, and nuts. These loose materials, if they build up, can eventually cause gutter mold. Improperly maintained gutters can warp, rip or spill water improperly—sending the rain right into your home’s foundation.

Spare the Wood

Wood surfaces located near your home’s gutters are at risk. Make sure your home’s fascia boards aren’t taking on extra water. If they are, they might contribute to interior leaks, mold, and foundation issues. If possible, opt for aluminum or vinyl siding—each of which is moisture resistant.

Always Check for Humidity

It’s never a bad idea to examine your home’s interior for humidity spikes. If your home’s ground floor or basement are muggy, you might have a gutter leak. If the leak persists, your foundation might eventually take on water.

Anderson Exteriors wants to secure your home. Call us at 763-323-0970 to get a gutter inspection. If your gutters are worn out, our fine gutter selection might be your perfect solution. Get a free quote today, and talk to our talented service representatives. At Anderson Exteriors, your home comes first.