Minnesota winters can put a home’s central heating to the test. Good insulation in a home can save you hundreds each year, retaining as much as 80% in heating loss. It also helps your home’s occupants remain comfortable even as the mercury drops, protecting your plumbing and other important components of a home. Insultex house wrap offers thermal insulation using Insultex technology, providing a much thinner and lighter insulation than traditional products. At Anderson Exteriors serving the Twin Cities, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand how Insultex house wrap can protect your home or build.


Innovative House Wrap

Before Insultex technology, a home would require as much as 1.5 inches of foam to meet the rating requirements for insulation. Insultex technology originated as a foam product used by ice fisherman and in camping gear. It remains popular among backpackers and outdoors lovers for its extreme protection against the elements. This thick layer of foam insulation would be installed before the house wrap was even installed.


Insultex is much faster to install, cutting down time dramatically on remodeling projects and builds. When combined with other insulation, it creates an incredibly comfortable climate-controlled environment that saves homeowners money.


Insultex serves three main functions:

●        Acts as a weather-resistant barrier

●        Allows air to pass through

●        Protects against moisture


Durable Protection

Insultex has a reputation for extreme durability. This closed-cell foam composite protects against even the most powerful wind, resisting shredding at high speeds. The insulation underneath the siding is just as important to protecting a home as its siding. Insultex protects against air infiltration while retaining permeability. Naturally occurring moisture in the air is able to escape, cutting down on condensation which can lead to serious problems. This protects both a home’s interior walls and its siding.


Water Resistance

Insulation should act as a barrier to keep moisture out of your home. Water and moisture can sneak in behind the barrier of your exterior cladding. Insultex offers superior water resistance, protecting against rotting and other water damage. Insultex also offers moisture permeability, which allows moisture from inside your home to permeate to the exterior of your home. This protects your home against damage from mold and mildew.


Ramsey, MN, Siding and Insulation Experts

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