When it comes to your siding, you probably know it plays a key role in helping to regulate the temperature in your home. Good siding can help protect your home against air infiltration and drafts which can dramatically alter your energy costs. What most homeowners don’t realize is that by improving their home’s thermal envelope, they can improve their energy costs and have a more comfortable home year-round. Your home’s thermal envelope is the combined protective effect of its building materials against temperature change inside.


At Anderson Exteriors in Ramsey, we love working with homeowners to create more energy-efficient homes. That’s why we put together this guide to how a thermal envelope works to protect your home and how we can help you create a better thermal envelope for yours.


1.      Every Home Has a Thermal Envelope.

As its most basic definition, a thermal envelope is the boundary between your home’s interior and your home’s exterior. Essentially, it’s the layer of protection between the elements outside of your home and the conditions inside your home. The effectiveness of your thermal envelope may vary from one home to the next.


2.      Your Thermal Envelope Has Weak Spots.

The walls themselves typically offer a natural layer of protection against the elements to varying degrees. However, your home will have weak spots that open it up to air and water infiltration that can alter your home’s thermal layer of protection. These cause a thermal break, or a break in the thermal envelope where heat can escape from your home. The end result for the homeowner is a higher energy bill and a less comfortable home.


3.      Improving Your Thermal Envelope Creates a Low-Energy Home.

Fortunately, our experienced home contracting experts at Anderson Exteriors can work with you to assess air infiltration and create a stronger thermal envelope. By weatherizing your home with energy-efficient insulation, we can protect your home against heat loss. We can also replace windows where air infiltration is a concern and create a better seal for your home’s thermal envelope.



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