Break-ins are an ever-present danger to your family. At any moment, you can become the victim of a property crime that places your family members’ lives at risk. In addition to a home security system, having a secure entry door will help you thwart attacks from individuals who are criminally-minded; however, you must choose the best door. Simply choosing a door based on its aesthetic appeal may not be the safest way to protect your family.

Choose a Door Made of Durable Materials

At Anderson Exteriors, we are well-versed in the number of doors that are currently on the market. We also understand why choosing an entry door can be overwhelming, especially when there are a number of different ways you can customize one particular door.

The most important decision you will need to make when it comes to entry doors is to determine the best choice of materials. Reinforced steel and fiberglass doors offer homeowners a nice option because these doors take a lot more effort to compromise. If a steel or fiberglass door fits in your budget, consider that over wooden doors that can be easily kicked in.

Look for Well-Designed Entry Doors

Although your door’s aesthetics are important, you want to make sure that the design of your door doesn’t compromise its functionality. You want your door to keep people out. You should purchase doors that aren’t constructed with windows near the knob. These doors can easily be compromised by breaking the window pane and unlocking the door. If you want a door that is mostly glass, then you should consider purchasing a door that has reinforced glass.

Purchase Doors that Can Be Reinforced

Throughout the buying process, you should speak with your local door professional to get advice about the best door for you. They can walk you through the process of choosing a door, including ways you can reinforce your door. Not every door allows you to reinforce it; therefore, enlisting the help of a professional will help you choose an entry door that offers the most security.

One-sided deadbolts. You can install a one-sided deadbolt to reinforce most entry doors. A one-sided deadbolt lock only locks on the inside, which helps protect you and your family while you are in the house.

Choose a durable frame. Intruders can compromise your door by simply kicking in the frame of your door. To prevent this, you can purchase a deeper deadbolt box strike to reinforce the strength of your deadbolt.

When you are ready to upgrade your entry door, don’t hesitate to give us a call. At Anderson Exteriors, we are happy to help you choose the entry door that best fits your security needs.