Home improvement projects offer a way to add value to your home while adding to its appearance. If you’re in the process of choosing a home improvement contractor, you probably already know the importance of choosing a contractor with a good reputation and years of experience. But one thing you might not have put much thought into is the quality of materials your contractor uses.


Even if you’re working with the best contractors in the business, high-quality, high-performance materials can mean the difference between great or substandard work. That’s why it’s important to evaluate your contractor’s materials before you make plans for a home improvement project. In this post, our Anderson Exteriors team talks about what you need to consider when you’re looking at your contractor’s materials.


Criteria for Evaluating Materials

Most of the time, homeowners don’t look beyond the price quote when they’re looking at a contractor’s materials. In fact, your evaluation of a contractor should look just as closely at the type of materials a contractor uses as much as it looks at their process.


But choosing high-performance products isn’t the only thing you’ll need to consider. In many cases, you may find yourself faced with two completely different products of equally good value. However, one of these brands or products may be better suited to your needs than another would be. A seasoned contractor will know the difference and be able to help you make the best decision for your home and needs.


At Anderson Exteriors, we offer several products and can help you decide which is best suited for the project you’re working on. Choose from one of these window solutions:


1.      Hayfield Windows and Doors

Hayfield is our choice for integrating the latest in window and door technology with attractive designs that stand up to the test of time. They also come with a powerful transferable warranty.


2.      Parco Modular Window Systems

Parco is a sound alternative to more expensive products that stands up well to the competition. If budget constraints are a concern, Parco offers a quality solution, making it a solid option for anyone getting a home ready to place on the market.


3.      Marvin Windows and Doors

If you’re looking for energy-efficient products, Marvin Windows and Doors offer an eco-friendly solution worthy of an Energy Star Rating. This is helpful if your concerns include using a tax credit for making your home more environmentally-friendly.


Call Our Ramsey Window Replacement Team

Whether you’re flipping a home or creating a beautiful place for your family to grow and play, you need quality materials suited to your needs. At Anderson Exteriors, we work hard to connect you with the best product for your budget or performance needs. 


We also offer siding solutions from Mastic, LP Smartside, and Emco. Check out some of our past work on our gallery and get inspired. Then give us a call at 763.323.0970 or contact us to discuss our home improvement solutions.