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Door Replacement Contractor

For over 30 years, Anderson Exteriors has been in the business of replacing and installing doors, among the many other products and services we provide. Our trusted, professional craftsmen can guide you in the selection of the perfect doors for your needs. With the exceptional workmanship our clients have come to expect, you can enhance the beauty and thermal efficiency of your home for years to come.

Patio Doors

A sliding glass door, also known as a patio door, is a type of entryway structure typically consisting of two panel sections constructed primarily of glass--one being fixed and one being mobile, thus giving it the ability to slide open. Providing access from an interior space to the outdoors, sliding glass doors also let in fresh air and natural light, making them highly desirable in residential construction.

Entry Doors and More

An entry door provides access into your home, and keeps the residence secure when closed. It ensures that heat stays inside during the winter, or lets a fresh breeze through in the summer. In addition to essential functionality, artistry and engineering create aesthetic value, security and energy efficiency through an abundance of door styles and configurations. Ranging from ornate to utilitarian, solid to windowed, and constructed of various materials including wood, metals and synthetics, doors can be used to block off or allow entrance to an enclosed space, or between adjoining rooms within that space.


Should outside doors open in or out?

The way a door opens is dependent on the door type. Entry doors will typically swing inward for maximum security; however, screen and storm doors will swing outward.

What size is a patio door?

The size of the wall area and your personal preference can determine the size of your patio door. While most patio doors are typically six feet, eight inches tall, the width will depend on whether you want a two- or three-panel design.

What is the difference between a French door and a patio door?

The main difference between French and patio doors is that French doors open outward and are set on a set of hinges, whereas a patio door slide sideways to open.