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Roofing Services

Between harsh winters and various storms, roofs in Minnesota endure their fair share of wear and tear. As a homeowner, it’s critical to ensure your roof is in prime condition to continue protecting your home and taking on the forces of nature. At Anderson Exteriors, we offer roofing services that keep your roof in its best condition. We use high-quality asphalt shingles from the leading brand, Owens Corning®. Contact Anderson Exteriors today to work with a team of qualified roofing contractors. We will help you take on your roofing project and protect your home with shingles from a leading manufacturer.

Soffit and Fascia Installation Services

When you think about the important aspects of the exterior of your house, you often think about windows, doors, and siding. While all of these are key parts to sustaining the quality of the exterior of your home, the soffits and fascia also play key roles in the protection of your home.

The soffit is the section of siding that is placed underneath the roof’s overhang. Although it isn’t the most visible part of the exterior of the home, it is still an important component of protection. Soffits permit airflow between the roof and attic, which prevents the growth of mold and other harmful materials. It’s important to replace the soffits when there are noticeable cracks and holes as rodents and other pesky insects can burrow into the open spaces and cause problems for your home.

Fascia is installed in the space above soffit, next to the gutters. Because the fascia is so exposed, it plays a part of your home’s curb appeal. Beyond just playing a part in the curb appeal, however, fascia also supplies extra support for the roof. They also add a protective layer for the gutters.

If you notice that your soffits and fascia are broken or malfunctioning, call Anderson Exteriors at 763-323-0970 for the installation of high-quality soffits and fascia that will keep your home protected and aesthetically satisfying. Our team of experienced contractors follow an installation process that will ensure your new additions are installed securely and efficiently.

Advantages of Replacing Your Roof

At Anderson Exteriors, we pride ourselves in the high-quality asphalt roofing we install for our customers. When you notice your roof has experienced some excessive aging and damage, consider getting it replaced with a new set of shingles. The benefits that come from replacing your roof are noteworthy.

  • Advanced Curb Appeal. Replacing your roof can allow you to enhance your home’s curb appeal. New shingles present you the opportunity to give your home a new and improved look.
  • Increased Market Value. Another benefit to replacing your roof is the increase in market value it can bring to your home. Homes with new roofs can sell for more than those with older, worn-down roofs. Because of this, new roofs typically have great returns on investment.

Home Roofing FAQ

How long should a roof repair last?

Your roof should last about 20 years before its time to replace it.

How do I know if my roof needs replacing?

There are several signs that could indicate your roof needs replacing. Shingles with curled edges or cracks indicate they need to be replaced. Growth of moss and spots where shingles are missing is another sign it’s time to get it replaced. Roofs should be replaced after 20 years, so if you think yours has exceeded that timeframe, it's time to call a professional roofing company such as Anderson Exteriors.

Will my insurance company pay for a new roof?

Typically, if the cause for the roof to be replaced is from forces of nature, then homeowners insurance will cover it. If the roof is simply aged and due for a replacement, however, it is considered the owner’s expense.

Call Anderson Exteriors For Your Roofing Needs

Between saving you money on energy bills and protecting your home from outside forces, replacing the roof on your home is a beneficial decision for homeowners. If you think your roof has exceeded its 20-year lifespan or has experienced excessive damage due to storms and extreme weather conditions, contact Anderson Exteriors. We are happy to assist you with your roofing needs. We install high-quality asphalt shingles that come from the leading manufacturer, Owens Corning. To get your project started with a free estimate, call us at 763-323-0970.