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Replacement Windows

At Anderson Exteriors, we install and replace windows on homes throughout the Twin Cities area. We offer a variety of brands and types of windows that will provide you with a substantial improvement in your home's energy efficiency and overall comfort. Our highly trained, professional craftsmen can install various insulated glass window solutions that will enhance the look of your home and save you money in the long run.


How often should you replace windows?

Windows typically last about 20 years before they should be replaced.

Do new windows really save energy?

Replacing your windows with Energy Star-qualified products can save you money on heating and cooling bills because of the increase in energy efficiency they provide.

Will replacement windows increase home value?

Yes. Replacement windows give owners a good return on investment by increasing the market value of their home. Not to mention, they improve any homes aesthetics from both inside and out.


Windows allow the passage of natural light into our interior spaces. Many window styles proliferate today’s residential landscape, each serving the same purpose yet each different in composition and structure. Our knowledge in this craft is unparalleled, and we can help you select just the right window for you décor and your needs.

The types of windows we install include casement, patio doors, bay windows, double hung, awning, bow windows, and sliding windows. We specialize in providing low maintenance windows that will last for years to come, and with over 30 years of experience, we have become a trusted and reliable resource for window replacement and installation.

Energy Efficiency

Replacement windows can increase the resale value and energy efficiency. Low-emissivity glass, also known as Low-E glass, is used to help block solar rays and keep the heat inside when it is cold. Some windows are kept thermally efficient and condensation free using polymer structural foam instead of metal as a window insulation. Double pane and triple pane glass technology can block up to 97% of UV rays, keeping you more comfortable year round and also prevent fading of fabrics, flooring and other belongings.

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If you’re ready to increase the energy efficiency and advance the curb appeal of your home, call Anderson Exteriors for professional window installation services. With our wide supply of high-quality window styles, we will help you achieve your ideal look and feel for your home. Contact us today to start your project off with a free estimate.