Is there anything more welcoming than a well-appointed front door? Whether it’s adorned with holiday lights or a springtime wreath, your front door is the sight you most want to see after a long day at work or a vacation away from home.

But as your front door ages, your home’s security and energy use can suffer. In this post from Anderson Exteriors, we’re breaking down some signs that your front door is due for replacement. To find out about entry door solutions for your Twin Cities home, give us a call today.

Watch for these signs that your entry door could use an update:

1.   Opening your front door is an Olympic sport.

When you come home with arms full of groceries, the last thing you need is to have to fight your front entry door to open it. But a hard-to-open front door is more than just a nuisance—it’s also a potential security hazard because it means your lock isn’t functioning as it’s meant to.

2.   You have to stuff a towel in front of it during winter.

When you’ve got a drafty door, it can suck the hot air right out of your home in the winter months. And chances are that it’s starting to leave a dent in your monthly energy bills. Replacing your door with a custom fit, well-insulated door will pay off in comfort and energy savings.

3.   There’s condensation inside the glass.

If your front door has glass panes and they’re permanently filled with condensation, it’s not functioning as it should. Moisture inside the glass panes indicates the seal is broken and could lead to mildew or moisture buildup inside your home. It may be time to invest in a replacement door.

4.   Your home could use an update.

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to freshen up your home’s curb appeal is with a replacement entry door. Add a splash of color with a new door and then decorate with a couple of planters, a new doormat, and some new lighting fixtures. You’ll be surprised at how much these simple steps will transform the look of your home’s entrance.

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