Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner, your entryway matters. Beautiful, effective doors can make or break an establishment, and it pays off to understand the fundamentals. Steel and fiberglass doors are both excellent options, and each offers a slew of benefits. Each is good in different situations, however. To boost your property’s value, enhance your living area or create a secure business, check out our door material comparison below.


Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are a top replacement option for homeowners. They closely mimic authentic wood grain, and they pack the endurance needed to withstand years of use. Unlike wooden doors, fiberglass doors don’t warp, split, shrink, crack or delaminate. Because of their solid design, they’re often equipped with lifetime warranties.


Plus, they’re available in fir, mahogany, cherry and oak styles. If you’re looking for a great wood alternative, fiberglass is a great choice. Their low-maintenance needs, energy efficiency, and great cost, make them astounding long-term options, in terms of price.


Steel Entry Doors

Steel doors are often used in commercial properties, but they’re great home options, too. Like fiberglass entry doors, steel entry doors are available with wood finishes. So, if you want a classy, memorable space, you can take advantage of many stylized looks.


In terms of endurance, few materials compare to steel. Doors made of 20-gauge steel, in particular, won’t warp or crack under pressure. For this reason, steel doors are one of the strongest options available. Often requiring minimal maintenance, steel entry doors don’t face many problems over the years. They may face a little galvanization, and they can rust if exposed to humidity for many years, however.


Which is Better?

When selecting door types, your home and business needs matter. In terms of energy efficiency, steel entry doors are a great choice. Because their design is conducive to insulation, steel doors offer astounding durability while also being economical in terms of utilities.


Fiberglass doors, meanwhile, are great cost-effective doors for mass installation. They’re comparable to steel doors where durability and long-term use is considered. They are, however, highly differentiated. Because of their awesome variety, fiberglass doors are great selections for those who want window options. In terms of maintenance, fiberglass doors are easily handled.


Again, however, your home or business’s needs will determine which door is more useful. If you want a high-performance, long-lasting door—stick with steel. If you’re looking for cost-effective, stylized solutions, however, fiberglass is a great option. Give us a call at Anderson Exteriors and we can provide you with a variety of quality fiberglass and steel options. You can reach us at 763-323-0970!